Meet Ryan...

Birthday:  May 13, 1977 
Favorite TV show:  NBA Basketball
Favorite Team :  San Antonio Spurs 
Favorite Player:  Tim Duncan
Family Members:  four sisters

Ryan has been involved in Special Olympics for about 10-12 years.  He has participated in Bowling, Swimming, Bocce and Track and Field.
He has been to the State Bowling Tournament twice - 2002 and 2005.
He attended the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002, watching snow skiing and ice skating.

Ryan likes to eat out at a variety of restaurants, but prefers a steakhouse.
He also likes the batting parks at Winged Deer and Fun Expedition.  He works evenings doing contract work through Dawn Of Hope. He attends ETSU baskeball games and collects NBA sportswear.

He travels frequently. He visits his mother in Dallas or Corpus Christi, Texas or in Manchester, England. 

His medal count is Gold 10, Silver 9, Bronze 6, Other 6. 

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